We are a not-for-profit documentary collective dedicated to creating and sharing content by and for our community


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1. We do not tell stories about subjects, we aim to show people’s truths 2. We do not judge nor seek to change but rather listen, learn, and look for motivation 3. We are willing to maintain discipline, holding only to the truth, in our conviction that it will serve to inspire others.


1. We place the Collective Community first, before our own personal gain and self-interest 2. We commit to serve our Community, and trust in the Collective voice as our only authority 3. The only requirement to join the Collective is a desire to make or to watch documentaries 4. Each Member is autonomous except in matters affecting other Members or the Collective as a whole 5. Each Member’s sole purpose is to watch or to make documentaries 6. The Collective as a whole and individual Members shall never endorse, finance, or lend the Collective name to any third party 7. Each Member and the Collective as a whole shall be fully self-supporting, declining third party finance and or endorsement 8. The Collective should remain forever noncommercial but our Members may enter into commercial agreements outside the Collective 9. The Collective ought never be organised but we may create Member committees directly responsible to the Members they serve 10. The Collective has no opinion on politics or outside issues, in order that the Collective name ought never be drawn into political or public controversy 11. Our PR policy is based on attraction rather than promotion, we always maintain personal anonymity 12. Personal anonymity is the lifeblood of our Collective, allowing us to place the Collective interest before our own personal gain.

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